From a limited series of "tiny art"

From a limited series of “tiny art”

As artists go, Tori is one of an extremely rare breed. She creates her art not because she wants to, but because she must. Reaching beyond mere artifice, attitude, and ego, her motivations bubble up from a wellspring deep within her psyche. She uses art to weave an almost shamanistic spell, a sort of vision quest that results in the most fascinating, authentic, and truly real images. Her life has been a roller-coaster ride of extremes, but the unifying element has always been her creativity. At times balanced on the very edge of madness, she works out her personal darkness in the form of painting, sculpting, collage—whatever medium is at hand—and turns it into joyous evidence of one woman’s determined, self-directed, and almost magical survival.

Flowers and Rust

Flowers and Rust

As she explains it, “I don’t know where much of it comes from. It’s like I have to create this stuff sometimes, or die. It’s as though I can take the pain inside myself and translate it into a physical form…and by making it exist as something tangible and real, I can purge myself of it.” Whether her end result is dark, amusing, beautiful, frightening, visceral, thought provoking, quirky, or simply pleasing to look at, every work of art Tori produces is uniquely personal.

If you would like to commission an art piece, or are interested in purchasing or displaying Tori’s work please feel free to contact her!

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